Anti-Plastic Action

As the country moves forward with cannabis legalization, and hopefully soon an end to federal prohibition once and for all, we are seeing a huge problem with packaging standards in the cannabis industry. The amount of plastic being used to package even the smallest quantities of product is overwhelming! MDMJ is advocating for more eco-friendly, non-toxic packaging standards in the cannabis industry. We are planning our next big action in efforts to change how we package our cannabis. We’re asking patients in Maryland to start collecting your cannabis packaging from the dispensary! If you need them to be picked up, contact us at Talk to your local dispensary about supporting this effort. Our goal is to pass more eco-friendly and sustainable packaging standards not only in the cannabis industry, but eventually for all products. It’s time we move away from plastic and find a better way to package our products that won’t destroy our planet. Who’s with us? Start collecting and spread the word!