Meeting #3 Location Update

We had our last meeting in Baltimore, and it was a huge success! Now, we’re headed to Frederick, MD to continue growing and building up for meeting with members of the Maryland General Assembly in January. The meeting location HAS CHANGED due to the weather. We will be meeting at MULLINIX PARK in Frederick, Maryland underneath the pavilion in the park.

Mullinix Park is located behind the intersection of Bentz St. and W. All Saints St. On either street, there is a small alley road you will turn onto called Mullinix Alley where there is also parking. If you need help finding this location please call 720-607-8369 or email There is a 50% chance of rain at 7PM so be sure to bring what you need, and if the rain is coming down too hard we can move to the Blue Side Tavern located right behind the park.


  • Introductions; tell us why you’re here.
  • Anti-plastic action announcement/ideas
  • NORML’s Lobby Day
  • Fundraising 
  • Lobby efforts
  • Policy Proposal
  • Federal Updates
  • Maryland Updates
  • Conference Call Updates
  • Compassionate Care Fund/New ideas 
  • Closing