Question 4 Seed Score Hosted by MDMJ

Hey Maryland! It’s time to LEGALLY score some cannabis seeds! 

Saturday, July 1, 2023 marks the first day of cannabis legalization in the Free State of Maryland. In honor of this momentous occasion, MDMJ is hosting The Question 4 Seed Score to facilitate personal home cultivation of cannabis permitted under the new law. This will be Maryland residents’ opportunity to share seeds with other adults and start down the path of legally growing your own cannabis in the safety and privacy of your home.

Please register here to participate –

The Question 4 Seed Score will be be taking place at multiple locations throughout the state. We hope to find one location in every county. We will announce the exact locations via email 1 day before the event, so make sure you register to receive the email.

MDMJ is looking for seed and clone donors and people that would like to host the seed share. If you’re interested, please sign up here –

To ensure we have as many seeds and clones to give away, we are looking for as many donors as possible.

Can you provide support or volunteer your time on this historic day? Please sign up here:

MDMJ will be planning monthly Zoom Sesh’s. Our next Zoom Sesh is scheduled for June 12th, so be sure to register here –

Seed you there!