Lift Off MDMJ! Come To The Next Meeting!


Maryland Marijuana Justice


We would like to begin by saying THANK YOU to everyone who showed up to our first meeting for MDMJ! Congratulations for becoming an active part of your community for a moral cause to legalize cannabis.

Why Should You Attend The Next MDMJ Meeting?

With it being summer, it’s for certain that a lot of us have plans to spend time with our families and friends before it’s back to school! We will not be having our third meeting until sometime in September so be sure to attend our next meeting.

When Is The Next MDMJ Meeting?


Our next meeting will be a little different from the last one. We will start at 5:30PM at Rise Up Coffee until 7:00PM when the coffee shop closes.  At 7, we will continue the meeting with social hour at Specific Gravity Pizza for anyone who wishes to stick around longer after the meeting for pizza paid for by MDMJ.

Rise Up Coffee   105A E. College Ave. Salisbury, MD 21801

Specific Gravity Pizza   105 E. College Ave. Salisbury, MD 21801

What’s On The Agenda?

  • Plan “Overdose Action” in front of Andy Harris’ office.
  • Review MDMJ letter to Congressional delegation on HUD policy
  • Sept 16th Back to school “Cannabis Beach Day” Cannabis sand art, cannabis flag? Anything cannabis BUT cannabis! Help us plan a fun activity for the summer in efforts to break the stigma and normalize cannabis use socially.
  • Brainstorm new initiatives

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